In the median part of the western Morenic amphitheatre of Lake Garda the Valtenesi opens to the pointed view of the visitor, in an enchanting area formed by concentric hill after joyful hill arranged in a semi-circle between more or less ample terraces softly sloping towards the mirror of water.

It is this particular area where the grapevine finds its natural habitat due to the mild climate, for the good conditions of the position and exposition of most of the. land and for the heterogeneous nature of the same - prevalently calcareous, more or less equipped with framework, not very fertile and sometimes with limited water system.

In the numerous vineyards, large and small, (the polychromatic fantasy of colour of which, according to the season they are observed, alternate with splashes of fertile olive groves) depending on the variety of cultivated vines, rare quality grapes and excellent olive oil are obtained.

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