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Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P.

The boast of our Company is the extra virgin olive oil certified since 2000 as D.O.P. (protected origin denomination). The cukivars on our land are those typical of the territory which have always been present: "Leccino" and "Casaliva".

The harvest is carried out by hand so as not to damage the fruit which is taken to the olive press within the following 12 hours and kept for this short time in aerated crates in a cool and ventilated loca- tion.

The pressing is cold-pressed in the presence of the Company owner who, as soon as the oil is ready takes it to the Company for it to be filtered . At this point the product is collected by the C.S.QA. (Certification Ente D.O.P.) for quality certification. Only then can our oil be bottled in dark glass bottles of 0.50, 0.75, litres to ensure ideal conservation.

It is an oil with extremely low acidity and therefore particularly suitable for small children. It has an intense yellow colour with greenish reflexes, fruity and slightly almondy taste with a delicate and discri- minating flavour.

It can accompany all types of dishes but particularly those with a basis of fish, excellent addition in its natural state to vegetable puree, minestrone, raw or cooked vegetables and as an addition to other sauces (especially with a tomato base) for all types of pasta.

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